HD Buyer's Guide
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HD Buyer's Guide

At Amazon.com:
Use the Amazon Search Box on whqr.org to search HD Radios. There are car stereos, car stereo tuners, tabletop models that can fit into your current home entertainment system, and clock radios so you can wake up to WHQR's 2 HD Channels!

At Best Buy:
Tabletop and Clock Radio Models:
Insignia  HD Radio – Stand-Alone Tuner – 104.99
Sony – AM/FM/HD Clock Radio with Apple® iPod® and iPhone Dock – 139.99

Car, New Stereo:
Most Brands Available, including: JVC, Alpine, Sony, Pioneer, Kenwood. Prices Range from 104.99 to 649.99.
Car, HD Tuners for your Current Stereo System:
Available for Sony, Kenwood, Pioneer, iSimple, Alpine and uPac units. They fit most newer car stereos, but the website can tell you if it fits on your stereo. Prices range from 99.99 to 229.99. Many Models are coming soon!

At Radio Shack:
Gigaware™ HD Clock/Radio with iPod® Dock – 129.99
Jensen® JiMS-525i Docking HD Radio™ System for iPod® - 149.99
*Order online and have it shipped to your local Radio Shack Location!

At Target: HD Clock Radios and Tabletop Tuners are available on Target.com, but not in stores, yet. They have many models to choose from online, at prices ranging from 99.99 to 229.99.

At Walmart:
HD Clock Radios, Tabletop Tuners, Car Stereos, and a Portable HD Tuner with speaker built in, are available on Walmart.com, but not in stores. Prices range from 89.88 to 239.98.

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